About THL

The Hangman's Lament

THL is watching you, watching them.


The Hangman’s Lament is a four piece groove metal/ trash metal band from Amsterdam. Composed of former members of Plough and Nur Armata, the name was inspired by the tale of the Norse god Odin, who hung himself nine days from a rootless tree to gain infinite wisdom and to reinvent himself. Since all of the members have been in bands before which can now be seen as lamented, The Hangman’s Lament was born.
The Hangman’s Lament is not only reinventing the groove metal and trash genre, they’re also bringing the genre back to the stages. Expect some headbanging southern grooves, filled with trash riffs and hardcore-esk vocals; The Hangman’s Lament is the band you’ve been waiting for. For fans of Pantera, Down, Slayer and Metallica; all mixed together into a unique new sound. Go check ’em on stage.