Metal Night @Latenstaan

Last saturday evening we played together with Vexation and Moonstruck. 2 awesome bands that have a lot up their sleeves. Moonstruck being the solid rocking machine that has a lot of detail and finesse to it. They sure know how to create songs. After Moonstruck it was time for Vexation to hit the stage. They’ve been playing for ages and sure know how to impress people. Solos are very good and the music just keeps on going like a diesel train.

Finally we hit the stage. We already have some legacy when it comes to Latenstaan. In the last 4 years we’ve played there 4 times. And every time the audience is going beserk. People flying around, being thrown against the wall, ending face down on the floor, you name it…. This time we had a surprise up our sleeves. For our upcoming show in March we geared up with Melanie. And to see how things end up on stage we invited her for this performance as well. And boy…. did the crowd go wild. I’ve never seen so many people running and bashing around. It was total mayhem. Too bad our gopros were not activated, so we don’t have on stage footage. But there’s still footage from other people. So we’ll see if we can use it. After the show we were kindly “pressured” to give 3 encores…. Which we loved to do. 

All in all it was an awesome night. 2 great bands we’ve played with. friends we met again and new friends we gained. What could we ask for more. 


pics from the show. We will add more in the coming days